Monday, August 11, 2008

The Case for God

Nothing about the concept of God violates evidence, reason or any branch of science. Science tells us that no effect can be greater than its cause. Creation tells us that God is greater than the universe. Science tells us that nature runs down and dissipates. Creation tells us that God made everything originally perfect, but it incurred damage and began to degenerate. Science tells us that life comes only from life. Creation tells us that life resides eternally in the nature of God, and He imparted it to His creation.

The hard fact that forces us into belief is that life is here, and it is not rational to think it could have arisen out of dead matter. The only possible alternative, unthinkable as it seems, is that something alive is uncaused and self-existent. Nothing less than God fits all the requirements. The case for God is that simple. He is the only possible answer to life and existence that fits into place without jarring the order of the universe or insulting the rationality of science. Reason can rationally conclude that God is the ultimate absolute without need of empirical proof. And faith can step out on that certainty.

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