Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Is There Proof of the Ultimate Absolute?

An ultimate absolute cannot be proved because if it could be proved, it would not be the ultimate absolute. It would be only a conditional standard in need of validation by a deeper, self-evident truth, which would actually be the ultimate absolute. But it should not be accepted blindly. Before we place our trust in the ultimate absolute, reason should show us that it is a logical necessity with no rational alternative. We have reached bedrock and it is time to assume solidity and start building.

Of course, we can insist on empirical proof even at the basic foundation of our beliefs. A builder can blast a hole in the bedrock to see just how sturdy it really is, but then he ruins it as a basis for his foundation and he will never have a house. In the same way, if you refuse to accept an ultimate absolute, you will never be certain of your beliefs; you will have a hole in your life—empty and meaningless.

Are we saying, then, that it is impossible to know truth with certainty?

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