Thursday, February 28, 2008

Is God the Bedrock?

Most people understand that if an ultimate absolute exists, it must be God. But some people doubt God’s existence or totally deny it and could assume a different ultimate absolute. So let’s look at the end result of denying God’s existence and contrast it with the rational choice of affirming God as the bedrock of truth and reality. While I will not try to prove God scientifically or empirically, I will lead you to see that belief in God is a logical necessity.

God’s existence can be inferred in the same way that physicists infer the existence of black holes. Black holes are by nature invisible, but astronomers know they exist because of gravitational effects on certain stars that only something like a black hole could cause. God is also invisible, but we know He exists because of effects in the universe that only something like a god could cause. In that sense, we do indeed have proof of God’s existence. So let’s look at how to affirm God’s existence as the ultimate absolute so you can build on His bedrock a life of certainty.

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