Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Which Comes First: Truth or Belief?

Does it matter which comes first: the truth of the Bible or belief in the Bible? I assert that the Bible is inherently true even if one chooses not to believe it. Darren (from my last blog) thought the Bible is true for him or his friends because they believe it. I say that truth exists as an objective reality outside ourselves and that it is true for all people, at all times, and in all places. Darren’s position would mean that truth is fluid and adaptable to one’s own internal belief system. The difference between these two views is not merely an abstract theological point; it has far-reaching practical implications.

But, it’s not only young people who are losing a solid sense of absolute truth today. While speaking at a conference, I asked one of the most outstanding, astute and best theologically trained youth pastors why he believed in the Bible. He responded like Darren, “Because I have faith.” So, it appears that even those who lead and train our young people have adopted the idea that the exercise of faith creates a working truth for each individual. It’s no wonder our kids grow up without understanding the absoluteness of truth.

Make no mistake--what you believe about the nature of truth will determine whether or not you find and experience certainty in your life.


Anonymous said...

i am a student at a new christian high school 3 yrs into existence and we are being taught in worlview class that the post- moderist way of thinking is that truth is relative. that is a huge difference for the cores of christianity but as stated before by Mr. McDowell that is even leaking into our faith and is even showing in my little high school. it is alomost sad to see satan take a grip on so many people my age and the only thing i can do is pray and pray for thier souls

Anonymous said...

Please don't think that the "only" thng you can do is pray. Prayer is powerful and effective. If you continue to pray faithfully for your school, trust the Lord to change the hearts of those who are not living according to a Christian worldview. He can do it!

Anonymous said...

thank you really appriciate it