Thursday, January 3, 2008

A Skeptic’s Quest – My Testimony Part 11

There was something that probably caught my attention more than anything within a certain group of people I met at college. It is something you find everywhere. You find it in every university, every country, every community. It is called love. In this situation, in the university, I saw a different dimension of it. Here was a group of students and professors who not only loved each other--you will find that everywhere--but here was the difference: they loved and cared for people outside their group.

Now the way I was brought up, that was weird, but I wanted it. So I made friends with them. After several weeks--two or three weeks--we were sitting around the table in the Student Union at the university. Two of the professors were there, one of their wives, and six of those students. I wish you could have been there, because it was kind of funny. We started talking, and pretty soon the conversation started to get to God.

Well, let’s face it. If you are an insecure student or professor, businessman or woman, and the conversation gets to God, and you are insecure, you have to put on the big front. Look, every university, every faculty, every high school, every corporation, every community has what I call “the big mouth.” You know the person who says, “Oh Christianity – ha! That’s for the weakies, not the intellectuals.” You know what I found to be true? Literally, in every country, the bigger the mouth, the greater the vacuum. No really, the bigger the front an individual puts on, usually the greater the emptiness on the inside.

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