Monday, December 10, 2007

A Skeptic’s Quest – My Testimony Part 5

I walked the streets, and finally I was walking down West Union street about four o’clock in the morning. It was in October, and there was a full harvest moon. Finally, I came to the end. I couldn’t go any further. I remember just stopping that morning about ten after four and I just said, “God I’ve had it. I just cannot go on.”

I prayed something then that I never knew you could pray. In fact, I gave myself an invitation. I never knew it was a legitimate invitation. In fact, I had never heard anyone else in the world to this day give the same invitation that I give all the time. And that was this. I stopped, and I was not angry, I was just simply hurt. I said, “God I want to be used.” I said, “I don’t have any gifts. I don’t have any abilities. I don’t have any talents.” I said, “I have an alcoholic father, poor grammar, and a lousy home life,” and then I did this – and I never knew you could do it--I said, “God here are all my limitations. I give them to you.” I said, “I place them on the altar. Here is my stutter.” When they tried to correct me from being left- handed to right-handed, it caused a tremendous stutter. I said, “Here is my stutter, I place it on the altar. Here is my alcoholic father, I place it on the altar. Here is my home life, I place it on the altar. Here’s my poor grammar, I place it on the altar.” Then I prayed something that, boy, to this day, I thank God I said, “God, here are all my limitations.” See, I heard that God was limitless, I heard He was all powerful, He was eternal. So I said, “Here are all my limitations. I give them to you. I give you my stutter, my grammar, my poor home life, and I place it all on the altar. God here am I, use me.” I really believe that God took my limitations and turned them into my greatest strengths. I truly believe I am living beyond my limitations. That’s how great my God is.

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