Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Dating Again

Stevie rose just as Jon appeared, making his way through the crowd with Shawna and Collin hanging adoringly on each arm. Stevie welcomed him with an embrace and a kiss on the cheek. "You finally made it," she said, unable to conceal her joy. "How was your flight?"

"Bumpy," Jon replied. "But at least it's over." Stevie suddenly realized they were the center of attention. It was up to her to handle the introductions. "Everybody, this is Jon Van Horne, Shawna and Collin's father. He just arrived from L.A. to drive the truck down for us. We decided that the best thing for our family at this time is to be together in L.A., where Jon works as a school counselor." Stevie's mouth curled into an impish grin. "And for those who are too nice to ask, Jon and I are ... dating again."

Spontaneous applause erupted. Jon and Stevie blushed.

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