Thursday, April 18, 2013

Winner by Recount

Hello, Stevie." Senator Bellardi's smile was warm and genuine. “I'm so glad you decided to come by on your way out of town." Collin appeared at his mother's side, looked up at the senator and spoke with bold, boyish innocence. "Are you the governor now?" "Just barely, but I don't start until January," the senator replied still smiling. "A slim majority of the people in this state have asked me to serve, so I will serve."

Indeed, after the senator's surprising and emotional statement on the eve of the election, the vote was much closer than originally projected. The people of North California were horrified that Wes had resorted to terrorism in an attempt to get his father's attention. Furthermore, the senator tearfully apologized to his son and for him in front of a national television audience.


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