Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Different Worlds


"Hi." Terilyn said tentatively. "We're moving today," Shawna said.  “Back to L.A?" "Right.” “Terilynn, why wouldn't you return my calls or answer your door when I came over? And you won't even look at me at school." Terilyn shook her head. "What's the use? You ran out on me at the party and embarrassed me in front of everyone there. You don't come to the leadership meetings anymore. We live in two different worlds." "Yeah, I guess we do.”

Shawna continued, “I've changed my mind about a lot of things since the party. But I still want to talk to you." "Why?" "Because you're my friend, Terilyn. I don't agree with you about a lot of things, but I still care about you."

"That's an intolerant statement, Shawna. You should know that by now." Shawna smiled. She was not intimidated by Terilyn's subtle accusation. "Like I explained in one of my letters, I've renewed my commitment to Christ since we last talked. I've chosen to live my life by the principles in God's Word. The Bible doesn't tell us to be tolerant; it tells us to be loving. Part of loving others is warning them about things that God says are wrong."

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