Monday, February 11, 2013

The AntiCrist Plot

The rest, as they say, can be seen on the eleven o'clock news. I tried to change Dad's mind about being king. (I thought the AntiCrist plot turned out to be some of my best fiction. I had no idea it would work so well. You can use the idea for a novel if you like.) But, as always, the kingdom is more important than one little introverted, gay kid. So I'll just step out of the way and let the king be king. Who knows? Maybe when I'm gone he'll realize how much he loved me. Or maybe not.

Well, I'm nearly out of vodka, and the bewitching hour approaches. So I'd better quit rambling and get on with the dramatic climax of my story—even though I had really hoped for a different ending. You're a nice lady. I hope you find many young writers to mentor. Sorry it didn't work for me.

Your friend, Wes

Stevie could withstand the surging emotional tide no longer. She set the computer aside and let the tears flow.

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