Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Likely Suspect

Stevie frowned. "I remember seeing the Dendherders, the Bellardi caretakers, the morning of the bombing at campaign headquarters. Wes seemed surprised to see them there." She paused. "You don't think they could have had anything to do with any of this, do you?"

Ernie shook his head. "No. Not now, anyway. I did earlier, though. In fact, that's what led me out to the lake in the first place. Maybe Denherder felt he was living off charity or something and the resentment grew. Then when I got out to the lake and found the pickup parked behind the Denherders' place, I was sure Matthew Denherder was AntiCrist. And when I found out that the Bellardis' houseboat had left the docks only a short time earlier, I was sure Matthew Denherder had taken Wes out on the boat to await his midnight deadline and then finish him off. In fact, right up until about an hour ago, I was absolutely positive that Denherder was AntiCrist."

Stevie frowned. "What changed your mind?" "I tracked down Lucy Denherder's sister's name and phone number in New Zealand and called them. Not only is Lucy there visiting, so is Matthew. I spoke to him."


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