Thursday, December 13, 2012

The Right Decision

There was no sense of relief at the end of the campaign in the Bellardi coach as they made the long drive back to Redding. The unanimous concern was for Wes Bellardi as the Halloween death threat drew nearer.

Finding courage to broach the topic that had plagued her since Wes disappeared, Stevie said, "Is it really worth it?" Looking up from their coffee mugs, the men gave her their attention. "I mean, if you had to choose between your child and the governor's seat, would you do as Senator Bellardi has done?"

Robert answered immediately. "Absolutely. Granted, it would be extremely difficult, as it has been for the senator. But he made the right decision. Don't you agree?" The other men appeared to be less sure, and said nothing. Stevie pressed the issue. "Robert, you're talking about literally sacrificing your child for a political office."

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