Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Overwhelmed with Sadness

Most of the questions from the media focused on the "gory details" of the supposed abduction. Were there signs of forced entry? Was there blood at the scene? Did Wes Bellardi have any known enemies? Were drugs involved in any way? Each mention of possible violent injury or death to Wes inflicted another blow to Stevie's already burdened heart. Yet she continued to hold it together.

Stevie responded to each question in clipped generalities as she had been instructed. Every answer was a slightly different version of the only things she could safely say: It's too soon to discuss the details of the investigation; Law enforcement officials are following up every lead and clue; We will let you know when more information becomes available.

At the conclusion of the press conference, Stevie could not get back to the bus soon enough. Suddenly it was all too much. In the beginning, all she had hoped to do was stuff envelopes to help Senator Daniel Bellardi become governor so she could promise a safe and happy future to her children. She was not built to deal with deadlines and press conferences and being away from home. And she certainly had not been prepared for mad bombers and arsonists and kidnappers and possibly killers.

Entering the bus, Stevie hurried to her tiny sleeping compartment and locked herself inside just before the dam burst. She cried for herself, for Shawna and Collin, for her dead son, and for Wes. But tears were not enough. She had to talk to someone. Robert, she knew, would have no free time for the rest of the day. Without pausing to evaluate the impulse, she picked up her cellular phone and dialed Jon's work number.

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