Thursday, June 21, 2012

Behind the Scene

"All right, Robert, let's have it," Bellardi said, yielding the floor to his campaign director. Without the television makeup, he appeared anemic. What had been predicted to be a cakewalk to the governor's office had turned into a dogfight with the well-financed, well-coached folksinger, Juanita Dunsmuir. Repeated threats and sporadic violent attacks from an elusive terrorist had lined his face with concern and pushed his wife to the brink of an emotional breakdown.

Adding to Bellardi's burden, a recent discovery hinted that stress and fear were not the only causes of Patricia's difficulties. Robert Johnstone had told Stevie privately that Patricia had been diagnosed with early-stage Alzheimer's. Senator Bellardi had sworn his inner circle to secrecy and strictly forbade the medical findings from being released until after the election. In public, he remained the picture of confidence and enthusiasm, Stevie had noted. But at times like these she wondered if he would be able to hold it together until the election.

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