Monday, June 11, 2012

Angry at the Perpetrator

Listening to her ex-husband tell about Ben Hernandez and all that had led up to his moving in with Jon, Stevie rolled through a kaleidoscope of feelings. Her initial reaction was that she was glad she had not blurted out something like, "So you're dating again, is that it?" Then she was shocked to learn that Jon had actually gone to jail and visited Eugene Hackett, the young thug who had been involved in both the assault on Jon and the drive-by shooting—indeed, the two events were morbidly connected.

 Stevie's anger about the shooting flared anew at the identification of a culprit. She was incensed that the kid had been let off so easily after what she regarded as two counts of attempted murder. She was also miffed at Jon for withholding from her for almost three months information about Hackett's arrest and incarceration.

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