Monday, April 9, 2012

Debating Abortion

The first debate in the race to be governor of North California would take place the next day, and Robert was counting on Stevie to streamline and polish the senator's opening remarks in time for him to memorize them. The debate team had hammered out the basic concepts; Stevie's responsibility was to make the message sing, convict, and captivate. Unlike her previous assignments, she had a large personal stake in the copy writing she did for the senator. She had two very dear reasons at home to make it the best work of her career.

Ladies and gentlemen of North California, the unconscionable act of terminating the life of a human fetus is dead wrong. Abortion is dead wrong physically because it stops a human heart. Abortion is dead wrong morally because it violates a person's right to live. Abortion is dead wrong spiritually because it usurps God's authority over life and death. As your governor, I will do what is right for North California. I will oppose every movement, every law, and every individual that supports abortion, because abortion is dead wrong.

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