Thursday, April 26, 2012

The Debates Begin

"What are you going to do to Ms. X, Senator Bellardi? Arrest her for having an abortion? Put her in prison and throw away the key? Juanita Dunsmuir's defiant questions opened her rebuttal and iced the auditorium crowd to sudden silence. Stevie's eyes widened in amazement at the woman's cutting words and tone. Dunsmuir had unleashed the first brutal blow of the debates.

 Senator Bellardi's opening statement had been nothing short of eloquent, swelling Stevie with pride. He poured the foundation for his argument by stating his intent to do only what was right for North California. Then he hammered each of the platform planks firmly into place on the issues to be covered in the debates. Finally he enumerated proposed guidelines for transitioning North California from the "abyss of moral relativism into a safe, secure, and peaceful haven of traditional values."

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