Thursday, February 23, 2012

I Know Better Now

Shawna sighed. It seemed the more she knew of her new friends, the more amazed she was at how different they were. Destiny and the Lindley Belles were obsessed with boys. The three girls, even though they did talk and act a little weird sometimes, just wanted to hang out with her and have fun. Overall, she felt a lot safer with them than she had with Destiny or Rik, in spite of the dwarfs' occasional ventures on the wild side, like skinny-dipping, beer drinking, or watching raunchy videos.

Shawna decided to keep her questions about her new friends to herself. Her mother certainly did not need to know about the video, and the less she knew about Terilyn, Josie, and Alexis, the freer Shawna would be to find out on her own what made them tick. She tingled with a reckless sense of adventure about her closeness to her camp friends. She had felt this way before that night at Lakeside Pines and during other adventures with Destiny. But at least now she was smart enough to keep herself out of trouble.

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