Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Helping or Enabling

Following through with her surprising decision to move north and radically change her lifestyle assured Jon that his ex-wife thought Bellardi was on the right track. Jon had not studied the issues thoroughly enough to make a decision about Senator Bellardi since he was not a resident of North California.

Jon's breakfast was placed in front of him and from the corner of his eye, he saw Mac adoring the feast. Jon made it a practice not to give money to panhandlers, but he rarely turned down an opportunity to provide food or clothing to someone in obvious need. "If you haven't eaten yet, Mac, I'd be happy to treat you to breakfast." Mac gladly accepted.

Mac probably worked the summer crowd on motel row for at least one hot meal a day. But from the vagrant's appearance, it still did not look like enough. Early on as a Christian, Jon had internalized a truth: Each disadvantaged individual is a person for whom Christ died, someone to whom the love of Christ must be displayed in practical ways. In most circumstances, Jon had little trouble buying a meal for, or simply taking a few minutes to be friendly to, someone like Mac.

Jon's eyebrows raised only slightly when Mac ordered steak and eggs with a short stack on the side and a large glass of orange juice.

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