Thursday, November 10, 2011

Candidate Bellardi

Jon's surprise visit to the children had resulted in a delightfully quiet day for Stevie. During the day, she turned on TV only once, to watch a "docu-mercial" on the gubernatorial campaign of Senator Daniel Bellardi. The one-hour presentation offered a captivating behind-the-scenes look at the candidate—devoted husband and father, successful businessman, respected and effective former state legislator, aspirant to the governor's seat in the state he helped create. The program clearly outlined Bellardi's platform of moral responsibility and traditional family values. Stevie was greatly impressed by what she saw, in both the content and quality of the presentation. She was even more eager to see and hear Senator Bellardi at Caldwell Park the next day. She hoped she would have the opportunity after the rally to shake his hand and encourage him in his endeavors.

Before Jon and the kids left for the day, Stevie and her ex-husband had compromised on the Sunday schedule. Stevie wanted the kids to attend church with her. Jon conceded, admitting that he would probably sleep in Sunday morning to recover from the all-night drive. Stevie agreed to let Shawna and Collin spend the rest of the day with Jon. The plan allowed Stevie the freedom to talk to Senator Bellardi's people at the park if she had the opportunity.

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