Wednesday, September 14, 2011

A New Plan

Jon's phone call thirty minutes earlier had shifted Stevie's already active thoughts into high gear. An outrageous plan had been circulating in her brain over the last three days—and a good portion of three nights. It was a proactive plan to take control of her life and surroundings again, a way to protect Collin and hopefully Shawna from the encroaching, destructive world, a way to do something right for herself and her kids instead of always trying to ward off the wrong. All she needed was the impetus to make the difficult decision.

The latest incident with Shawna was like a sign, an answer to prayer. As soon as Jon told her the news, Stevie quietly and firmly made her decision. All that remained was to explain it to Jon and Shawna, and then weather the storm that was sure to follow.

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