Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Expelled for Cheating

Jon Van Horne and Curt Holgate were friends, having taught and coached together, but Curt had called as a vice principal today, not a friend. He somberly explained that Shawna had been caught in the act of stealing biology exams from the teacher's files. She was in his office now and still crying pretty hard.

Jon was immediately aware of the consequence for such misbehavior, which was automatic in the district. Curt had even apologized when announcing that Shawna would be expelled for the rest of the term. Jon said he would be at the school in twenty minutes to take her home.

Jon rubbed his forehead. It's been going so well with Shawna, and now this, he lamented silently. She was actually talking to me a little about the camp problem and Rik and getting along with her mother. We worked on homework together. She even cooked dinner for me a couple of times. She seemed like my sweet little girl again. What is going on in her brain that causes her to steal biology exams? She's not even taking biology. And why is she crying? Because she's sorry for what she did or because she got caught?

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