Thursday, June 2, 2011

Questions, No Answers

Stevie ran her fingers through her hair as she replayed the events of the afternoon and evening. But every replay of the events prompted the same very real questions.

What has happened to Shawna? How can a sweet Christian child turn into a lying, conniving, gutter-minded teenager in just two years? And if God loves her, why did he let it happen?

How can a country founded on Christian principles stoop to allowing something like the Child's Rights Act to become law? What will happen to the Christian family if kids can leave whenever they feel slighted? What will become of parental discipline when it can be interpreted as child abuse?

How long will Shawna play out her defiance? Have I lost her forever, just like Dougie? Will she find a way to get together with this Rik character? Is there any way I can protect her from this pervert? Will Jon be able to—

In less than a second, a trio of .45 slugs exploded the window-panes over the kitchen sink, tore through the curtains, and slammed into the refrigerator.

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