Monday, June 13, 2011

Campaigning for Governor

Reaching the mike, Juanita Dunsmuir, running for governor of the newly formed state of North California, started with an infectious song, first with her rhythmic strumming, then with her piercing voice. She opened all the campaign concerts with a medley of her biggest hits, which brought crowds to their feet cheering and clapping. The first one, "Adios, Tarzan," was her signature tune. It was an upbeat, irreverent ballad about a woman with many lovers but none who really loved her. Each time she sang the chorus, the audience joined in.

The personality in Juanita's eyes and smile sparkled to the far reaches of the small arena, charming her audience. Tobacco-chewing farmers and pot-smoking students sat side-by-side, enraptured by North California's legendary artist and activist. Roaming video cameras captured the magic and its effect on the crowd for future promotional use.

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