Monday, April 11, 2011

Mom Has Gone Crazy

Awash in anger, remorse, and self-condemnation for reading her daughter's emails, Stevie reached behind the desk and, with shaking hands, scooped up the computer and carried it, cords dangling, until she had more time to consider her next move. For now, she knew only that she had no intention of allowing this disgusting email "romance" to continue. Still shaking, she turned, tripped over one of the dangling cables, and the computer shattered as it hit the floor. Stevie gasped. She had meant to remove Shawna's computer, but certainly not to destroy it. Now what would she do? Trembling, she collapsed into a chair in front of the fireplace, and began to weep. The last several minutes had seemed like a bad dream. But having experienced the same feelings countless times after Dougie's death, she knew this was not a dream. And the situation was not going to go away. Shawna would walk through the doorway in twenty minutes, and Stevie had no idea what she was going to say to her.

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