Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Worldly Influence

Pressed to do so, Shawna would reluctantly have agreed that her display of nonchalance over the potential danger of her actions was a snow job as well. She had seen the horrific stories on TV: abduction, ritual abuse, rape, mutilation, murder. She had attended the funeral of a classmate who had foolishly decided to walk home from the mall one night instead of calling her parents for a ride. Then, last night, Shawna had sensed the inner warnings and, with Destiny's encouragement, had cavalierly decided to ignore them.

Destiny had influenced Shawna more than she was ready to admit, even to herself. Destiny told of experiences that rivaled Shawna's secret fantasies: experiments with booze, boys, and recreational drugs—even titillating dabblings in the occult. Shawna assessed that she was smarter than Destiny, but she envied—even coveted—the girl's worldly wisdom.

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