Monday, March 14, 2011

The North and the South

Daniel Bellardi often referred to himself as "the former state senator from the former state of California" and was a man who was known for doing the right thing. The resolution he introduced to realign California into two separate states, approved by the California legislature two years earlier, received the approval of Congress.

The senator was both proud of his accomplishment and humbled that God had blessed his efforts to reduce the mega-state of California to two locally governed entities. He had separated the peaceful, conservative north from the overpopulated, polluted, morally corrupt south and was clearly the front-runner to become its first elected governor.

For Daniel Bellardi, the seemingly clear path to the governor's office was a rewarding by-product of his tireless, prayerful efforts to establish North California as a political and social haven for decent, God-fearing people throughout his former state. He would spend the months between now and November seeking the office most analysts agreed was his to claim. Though one minor opponent had emerged, the campaign, the senator had been assured, was merely a formality.

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