Monday, December 20, 2010

Good Girls

At the center of Jon's thoughts was his fourteen-year-old daughter, Shawna. After what could have happened to the girls at the rec center earlier, he wanted to hold Shawna and never let her go. She was a good girl, but she was naive and irresponsible, growing up too fast. Jon's ex-wife, Stevie, who he reluctantly acknowledged had been a good single mom since the divorce, lamented that Shawna was watching too much TV and losing interest in church. Jon hoped he could spend some time with Shawna and nine-year-old Collin this weekend. Maybe the three of them could go to church together Sunday morning. Now that he was unable to see his children every day, Jon yearned for their all-too-infrequent visits.

Jon tried to pray for his kids, but as often happened when he tried to pray, his mind wandered. Horrible stuff happens to good girls, and it could happen to Shawna, too. A knot of worry twisted painfully in Jon's stomach. He finally fell asleep begging God to keep his little girl safe.

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