Monday, February 8, 2010

There’s Been a Very Bad Accident

Chad Rogers was very annoyed. "It's Matty's fault, I just know it is," the sophomore hissed aloud to himself. “Mom treats him like he's king of the world. She probably took him to the video store so the little brat could pick out another video game. Mom should have been at the school more than an hour ago - that was the plan. She said she'd pick up Rob in town, meet me at school right after basketball practice, and eat supper by 5:30 so Rob and I can get to the church by 6:30. Matty is going to get it for this."

Chad heard a vehicle approaching in the distance behind him. From the corner of his eye he recognized his Dad's pickup truck. "Chad, get in, hurry." Chad heard something in his voice he had never heard before. Dad wasn't angry at him, but he wasn't happy either. He sounded worried, kind of stressed out.

"Chad, there's been ... a very bad ... accident." He was having trouble getting the words out. "We have to get to the hospital... right away." An electric shock of fear shot through Chad. "Mom, Matty, are they all right?" Ben's chin began to tremble, and his eyes glistened with tears. "It's very bad, son. They all went to the hospital in an ambulance - Mom, Matthew, and Rob too." His voice cracked as he went on. “A big truck crossed the center line -" "Dad, no!" Chad wailed, reading the agony in his face. "Not Mom, not Matty, not Rob! You're wrong. They're just late coming to pick me up." His father said, "Chad, this is a terrible thing, but we have to hold it together and get to the hospital. Mom and Matthew need us now, and Rob needs you too."

Feeling his Dad's strong, assuring grip on his arm again, Chad heard him lift a simple prayer in a broken voice, "Help us, Father. Help our family. We need You now." Please, God, help us, Chad echoed inside.

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