Wednesday, December 2, 2009

I Feel All Alone Part 2

Here are several more ways to develop a caring relationship with a friend with suicidal thoughts and to help them feel less alone:

5. Affirm your friend's identity as a child of God
Suicidal persons have lost sight of their value to God. If your friend is a Christian, remind them that they are loved, valued, and useful to God. If your friend is not a Christian, they are still created in God's image, someone for whom Christ died. Look for ways to affirm your friend's value to God.

6. Try to instill hope in your friend
Most kids who consider suicide do not evaluate their life or process problems rationally. The best way to instill hope in such persons is by focusing on feelings instead of arguing over how they think. Try to communicate hope by feeling their sorrow by comforting them. Once hope is restored, there will be time to deal with your friend's irrational view of his or her situation.

7. Talk with your friend
Many discouraged, depressed students report that they cannot talk to their parents about problems, hurts and decisions. Encourage your friend to talk to you about his or her life and difficulties. Respect your friend's opinions without judgment or condemnation. Even if they are questionable, it is very important that your friend feels free to verbalize his or her feelings to someone who cares.

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