Thursday, August 13, 2009

Time to Heal

Christian counselors and leaders generally agree that it is normal and healthy to experience the five stages of grief following the traumatic events of sexual abuse. In many cases it takes many weeks or months to successfully navigate all five stages. Some of the emotions and thoughts that you experience during this time may be new to you or stronger than ever before in your life. You may wonder if there is some­thing wrong with you for reacting in these ways. There is not. You are going through a common response to a very sad event in your life.

One of your best allies in dealing with the pain of sexual abuse is time. The old proverb "Time heals all wounds" contains a nugget of truth. Accept the fact that it will take time for you to get over your deep pain. You need time to process the jumble of feelings and thoughts. You need time to talk out your feelings with mature, compassionate Christian friends and perhaps a professional Christian counselor. As the weeks pass, your hurt will diminish and your life will return to a fairly normal pattern. Give time a chance to work for you by not expecting the pain and confusion to go away too soon.

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