Wednesday, August 19, 2009

I Need Help!

What if you are trying to deal with sexual abuse and nobody steps up to offer help? Ask for it. There is nothing wrong with telling a trusted friend, a youth leader or your minister about your need and asking for help. For example, you can ask someone to go with you to tell your parents. In most cases, people are more than willing to help out; they just don't know what needs to be done. Feel free to help people support you at this time by letting them know what you need.

Likewise, if you do not receive the encour­agement you need, ask for it. It's okay to tell someone who cares about you, "I need a hug" or "I just need you to be with me for a while." You receive encouragement when someone does something thoughtful to lift your spirits: ask how you are doing, give hugs, pray for you, send cards, write notes or make phone calls that communicate, "We're here for you." Encouraging deeds like these may not seem as practical as doing chores and running errands, but they are just as necessary. If you need comfort, support or encouragement, just say so. Most people really do want to help. They just don’t know how.

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