Thursday, July 16, 2009

Some Secrets Should Be Told

With Heather holding her hand for encour­agement, Ann told Jenny about her dreams and the dark events from her childhood. Jenny asked her all the who, where, and when questions without pushing her to go into sordid details. Ann couldn't keep from crying as she talked, but Heather and Jenny were right there for her. “Ann, tell me what you'd call what your grandfather did to you during your secret visits." Ann didn't want to say them. But with Jenny's gentle prodding, she did. "Grandpa ... sexually abused me." "That's right, Ann," Jenny affirmed. "It's very important that you understand that. Parents and grandparents and other adults are supposed to care for you and protect you. No matter how lov­ing he may have seemed at other times, your grandfather took something from you for his own pleasure, and that's abuse. "But it seemed partly my fault," Ann inter­jected, fighting back tears again. "Grandpa used to say I was too cute to resist." Jenny slowly shook her head. "It was not your fault, Ann. No matter what he told you, no matter how guilty it made you feel, you are not to blame. I also want you to know that I am proud of you for the courage it takes to face all this. And I want to help you heal from the terrible inner wound you suffered." There are some other things about your abuse we need to talk about." "I'd like that," Ann said eagerly. Ann sensed that today was the begin­ning of a new chapter in her life.

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