Thursday, November 13, 2008

A Society Lacking Roots

An identifying factor of the culture surrounding our adolescents is the transient nature of American life. We live in a highly mobile society with over 25 million Americans moving to a different home. And when kids don’t experience a secure, stable, predictable home life, they will act out that insecurity in a number of ways. They will test the rules and boundaries imposed on them from the authority figures in their lives—parents, teachers, youth leaders, even God.

People relocate for a variety of reasons: to find better jobs, more favorable weather, lower rent or property taxes; or because they are transferred by their employers. The moving may be from coast to coast or merely from one housing development to another, but the results are the same. Very few people today “put down roots.” But without roots, our young people are vulnerable to drifting in their morals and convictions.

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