Wednesday, August 6, 2008

A Supernatural Existence

While the human mind cannot comprehend God, reason applied to available data tells us that something like God must exist. This universe is filled with life, law, energy, meaning, delight, love, morality and beauty. Such things are beyond the capacity of mere nature to provide. But their existence indicates that there is something greater at work—they point to God. God is invisible, but we can infer His existence by His effects in the universe, effects that only something like a god could cause.

Why should we think it impossible that our universe may be contained within a larger realm that is beyond the capacity of our senses? As Plato postulated, the spirit world that seems to our eyes insubstantial and unstable could be a world even more substantial and stable than our own. This universe of ours could be a mere shadowy reflection of a greater reality beyond it. Our failure to comprehend the supernatural gives us no reason at all to deny its existence.

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