Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Restoring the Relationship

You might expect that God would have washed His hands of those who turned their backs on Him and directed his affection to a more grateful civilization somewhere on the far side of the galaxy. But amazingly, He did the opposite. Like the mythical Greek sculptor Pygmalion, God had fallen in love with His human creation and could not bear to lose them. When they chose self over God, they sentenced themselves to death. But then God set about to perform a daring rescue.

The second member of the Godhead, whom the world knows as Jesus Christ, came to earth, took the form of a man, died on a Roman cross, and was raised to life again. This act disarmed death and restored to lost humankind the right to reestablish a relationship with God. The emergence of the living Christ from His tomb was the guarantee that any person who chose to come back to God would be restored to a life of renewed relationship with Him.

“So why isn’t it working?” you may ask. If God came to earth to restore His loving relationship with us, why isn’t it restored? Why is He still so hard to find? Why do people still stumble around the planet ignorant of God, searching for something to fill the void in their hearts?

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