Monday, July 28, 2008

The Sacrifice of Reason

Evolution offers something many people want so badly that they are willing to sacrifice reason to get it. They want a universe without God hovering over it and evolution offers such a universe. Evolution is not a fact. It is a theoretical prop to the philosophy that nature is all that exists. Dr. Watson’s philosophy said that creation was unbelievable. His science would not support that conclusion, so he adopted the theory of evolution—not because it agreed with his science, but because it agreed with his philosophy. People do not reject God because of facts and logic. They reject Him because they choose to do so. They search for an alternative belief with no supernatural strings attached and they find it in evolution.

When scientists make pronouncements concerning metaphysics or the supernatural, they step outside their field and do not speak as experts. They prostitute the high pedestal that science has given them as a pulpit for their personal philosophy. We should give their claims no more credence than if they were made by accountants, football stars, artists, bricklayers or rock singers.

Evolution is showing earmarks of vulnerability as thinking scientists awaken to its irrationalities. By no means have all such scientists abandoned evolution or become believers in God. But it is dawning on some that the theory of evolution has insurmountable weaknesses. If the scientific community continues to produce such honest thinkers who have the courage to proclaim their findings, the world will soon learn that the weaknesses in evolution are insurmountable. The absolute for origins lies elsewhere.

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