Thursday, May 29, 2008

A Relationship with God

Atheists’ avoidance of God is based on a misunderstanding of what God means to mankind. Many atheists want independence from God in order to claim freedom for themselves. They do not realize that a relationship with Him promises more freedom than they can ever find on their own terms. They will remain imprisoned within themselves and their constricted universe until they allow God to lead them to freedom.

Meaning is what drew my agnostic friend to Christianity. Even if there were no promise of life after death, just knowing that God exists bathes the universe with purpose and glory that vanishes when we see it as the product of blind chance. Yet the wonder of it all is that when we turn to God, we gain this assurance of meaning not only in a theoretical sense but also in a direct and personal sense. The God of the universe wants a personal relationship with us and offers to share eternity with us. We are designed for relationship, and this invitation to a relationship with God is our ultimate source of meaning. The universe takes on meaning only because God made it and has a plan for it. And your life takes on meaning because He created you for a particular purpose which you can find when you come into a proper relationship with Him.

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