Monday, May 12, 2008

A Dead End Universe

It seems ironic that naturalists, pronouncing the vast realm of nature to be the sum total of reality, thought they were freeing themselves by getting rid of the oppressive idea of God. But instead they imprisoned themselves inside a dead-end universe with no way out. If God exists in an unlimited supernatural realm above nature, we have a connection to a transcendent being who gives our lives purpose. We have a doorway out of close-ended nature into an infinite realm without limits. Instead of enlarging humanity’s universe, the naturalists’ removal of God has shrunk it to the size of a coffin.

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Gary said...

The reason supernaturalism, or any belief system that is not responsible to evidence, doesn't work is that it opens the door to any beliefs whatsoever, as well as their negations. And if indeed we mean by "universe" "everything that there is," the very concept of "out of the universe" is meaningless.