Wednesday, April 23, 2008

The True Meaning of Morality

All of the unbelievers’ explanations for morality overlook the same essential difficulty: Morality simply does not align well with human nature. If morality were an instinct that evolved with the human race, right behavior would be as natural for us as it is for salmon to swim upstream to spawn and for geese to fly south for the winter. But it is neither natural nor easy for us to do what we call right. We find ourselves in continual conflict with morality, yet it’s like a catchy tune we keep on humming long after we’re sick of hearing it.

The choice comes down to only two real possibilities: Either morality came from God, or it is an inexplicable illusion with no meaning. Of those two options, it is totally rational to accept the idea that God is the absolute for morality and that He wired us with this moral sense in order to keep our natural urges from leading us to disaster.

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