Monday, February 18, 2008

Real Truth

The democratic ideal of majority rule, augmented by the principles of equality and tolerance, has led many to accept the principle that whatever the majority of society endorses carries the weight of truth. Controversial practices such as abortion, homosexuality, euthanasia and sexual freedom become right if society as a whole says they are right. Many people today insist that they have as much right to adopt these values as those of fidelity, chastity, love and fair play. They conclude that we decide for ourselves what is true based on majority opinion. But what if the majority opinion is wrong?

Government, with its finger to the wind of the majority, has no more right—and ultimately no more ability—to legislate changes to the universal basics of morality than it does to legislate changes to the length of a day. Reality will not budge one inch to satisfy the whims of a self-serving society. Any apparent success in changing moral principles or core truth is a temporary illusion that will soon shatter into grief and chaos. Real truth is solid and immovable. It is rigidly supported by an absolute that is not conditional or subject to change of any kind.

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